Thursday, July 27, 2006

Intermission-The 2006 Guild Award For Year's Worst Poem


A Poem By Angus Thripshaw (pictured)

Oh unto thy wretched wings mine weary eyeholes flit.
You crunch beneath my booted heel along your thorax split.
Your tempest flapping haunts me still.
I flirt with madness shrieking shrill.
Drinking varnish makes me ill.
How I hate you all.


Mr. Thripshaw (pictured) took first place for poetry, at this year's Guild Awards for the Foul Arts. His prize was awarded behind a local 7-11 by Mrs. Drumlondson-Jones, the venue's event co-ordinator and local dominatrix.


Kat said...

Ha! I actually like that ;o)

Green Fish said...

It all came from that priceless picture. A picture worth a thousand ridiculous words.