Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Sorry, But I'm A Lazy Bastard

Hello my little fishies. I am in the midst of a glorious and much deserved week off work. We usually go away when the occasion presents itself, but this is a relaxin' and keepin' it real vacation. I have not cleaned the apartment. I have not done my laundry. I have not shaved. I have barely worn pants. And to my undying shame my friends, I have not posted. I have listened to music. I have ridden the arse off my new bike. I have played video games. I have cooked dinner for the girl. All in all it has been a pleasant experience. It is strange to be neither at work nor sitting in an airport. The not posting thing is bugging though, so I thought, in the spirit of keepin' it real, I would step out of The Ocean for a moment and introduce myself. Hi. My name is Mike and I have writer's block. I have a boring job, an exciting girlfriend and a pretty full and interesting life. I have been blogging for about four months and I have met some very interesting people. I have learned that the creative potential of your average person is far greater than popular culture would have me believe. Thank you. Anyway, I'm going to see Billy Connolly tonight and that should get the creative juices flowing. I've also decided to share some of my favorite music in the form of Green Fish's Podcast. It's just over there on your right. You can listen on the website, or subscribe via iTunes. It's like a little three song, commercial free radio station. Enjoy, and tell me what you think...............Thanks folks......A proper post is coming soon. I promise.

Special One Time Only Bonus
5 Interesting Facts About
The Endless Ocean Of Gravy

  1. Mostly written without the restrictive influence of clothing. Just like W.B. Yeats.
  2. Without a spell checker, Green Fish would come across as retarded.
  3. I never know what point I am trying to make until the post is 75% finished.
  4. The title was originally a metaphor for the internet. It's now a metaphor for daily life.
  5. You are the reason I do it.....thank you for your time.


Kat said...

Barely wearing pants huh? You sound like a pregnant lady. And don't worry. You're not the only retard. But you already knew that.

elizabeth said...

Did she just call me a retard?

Welcome to the breakfast club, mr fish. Guess who you are? Guess who I am? (Kat can tell you)

Green Fish said...

Damn and shitfuck...I switched to beta and now I can't see profile pics.

Green Fish said...

Now I can. Sorry for the profanity.

Kat--Pants are for shamed

Liz--I think she did. I'm pretty sure most people would assume I am Bender,but I am closer to Brian. Oh shit I just did the online quiz thing and I got Allison. Sweet.

Elohelae said...

Pants are unecesary when your pubes can touch the ground so your fine.

Moxy Ness said...

I have a blog.

SFChick74 said...

My only question is what flavor of gravy is this ocean? Maybe I should read more to find out. I'm partial to country gravy...the kind frequently found on biscuits.

Green Fish said...

lola.....let not thy pubes touch the ground whilst the rats hunger for crumbs.....Luke's Letter to the Corinthians chapter 7 verse 3

moxy....yes you do darlin'

sfc.....welcome to the gravy...I am also partial to a country or "sawmill' gravy, although The Endless Ocean consists mostly of a rich beefy reduction.

elizabeth said...

There's a quiz?!

elizabeth said...

And it said...

You're Claire Standish! A "princess" with a dysfunctional family. You're known to: shop,being center of attention, and playing miss popularity. But really though you hate it... with john Bender as a boyfriend, I'm sure people will start to get the hint.

No shocker here.