Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello Again

Don't start ok. Yes it's been way to long and I am ashamed. That's the last we'll speak of it. I am legit aware that no one is reading this but that will not stop me from returning to that which I have abandoned. Twenty two things are going on.
  1. I have gone back to school and it hurts my head
  2. I am eating healthily as a result of getting fat
  3. I took medicine and stopped
  4. One of my eyebrow hairs has grown long in a direction contrary to its brethren
  5. Learning to breath has helped me sleep
  6. My pate was shaved
  7. My mop grows unkempt
  8. I have no parallel hairs upon me it seems
  9. Left shoulder pain may be for keepsies
  10. Glasses are soon to accompany unruly hairs upon my aching bonce
  11. She makes me laugh no matter what
  12. The last fish is dead
  13. I must combine motivation with time management (repeat to self)
  14. Nose hair growth continues despite a total lack of provincial funding
  15. I am trying to be polite despite a total lack of provincial funding
  16. I am convinced that Blu Ray is just two DVDs glued together
  17. The cold weather continues to promote unwanted hair growth
  18. I have accepted the fact that most people lack a sense of smell and Axe accordingly
  19. The switch from antiperspirant to deodorant has been a success
  20. Not owning a comb is the new black 
  21. I've really taken to resting
  22. I've decided to go around the shark


Melinda Stanley said...

Welcome back Green Fish! You were missed.

I agree with #16 and look forward to reading more of your scribblings!

wonderbug said...

you have the jimmy brow!
congratulations! i play with his all the time and will one day pull it out when he is unawares!!

Green Fish said...

woo hoo!

thanks guys!!!