Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letter Of Complaint

Dear Mr Fish,

As I'm sure has been pointed out to your esteemed personage on several occasions, you continue to misrepresent yourself as a legitimate blogger. This I feel is in conflict with, if not the letter of the law, then at least the spirit of the noble institution that we call the Internet. You continually and maliciously claim to be the producer of a blog yet at not time have you mentioned a relevant current event, commented on a broad social trend, or ruminated on the tooings and froings of some popular glitterati with which the public feels the compulsion to heap regard upon. This state of affairs is compounded by the fact that you seem to relish in the ridiculous, the profane, the nonsensical, and the profoundly irrelevant. You may feel that I am over harsh, even spitful, but please good sir, you can not fail to see if six people read your blog then their are at least six people more deeply out of touch than yourself.


Perez Hilton

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